HBO Pulls the Plug on Its Nikki Finke Pilot


We could've toldja: HBO's Nikki Finke–inspired pilot Tilda is dead, following months of behind-the-scenes squabbling among key players on the show. "Despite everyone’s best efforts ultimately this was not the right show for us at this time," the network told Vulture via e-mail. The trouble with Tilda began last summer, when show-runner Cynthia Mort was dumped after clashing with fellow exec producer Bill Condon. HBO took Condon's side in the battle; Six Feet Under vet Alan Poul was brought in to help revamp the show. Yet despite boasting a cast that included Diane Keaton in the starring role, Tilda couldn't be saved. No word yet on whether Finke will still get paid for letting HBO sorta-but-not-really use her life story.