Hop Trailer: Russell Brand Gets Warm and Fuzzy


Are you in the market for a kids' version of the upcoming Jodie Foster curio The Beaver, where Mel Gibson plays an adult whose life is transformed by a cuddly talking animal? You're in luck: The family comedy Hop puts James Marsden through his paces as a good-looking man in a suit (surely there is more to this character, but that's all we're getting from the trailer) whose life is turned upside down when he takes in the very talkative Easter Bunny, played by Russell Brand. Russell Brand as a hyperkinetic, hopping Easter Bunny — seems like a no-brainer, right? Except that Brand dials it down quite a bit, to judge from this clip, and while he's sort of appealing when you can actually make out every word that he's saying, maybe the low-key film could use a jolt of his superhuman energy. (Then it wouldn't have to rely so heavily on its super-out-of-date David Hasselhoff cameo, which finds him judging an America's Got Talent–like reality show, something the real Hoff hasn't done since 2009.) [Coming Soon]