Is NBC Killing Off Its New Comedies Before They Air?

Nobody at NBC is talking, but according to industry insiders, the answer is pretty simple: Greenblatt simply wasn’t enamored with any of them. That’s not a shocker, since even the Peacock brass who put the series in development (including ex–NBC Entertainment president Angela Bromstad) weren’t convinced they had found surefire hits in the programs, as evidenced by the fact that the shows were never given premiere dates. But even if the trio were better regarded, it would be hard for NBC to find a way to properly launch them this season: NBC’s current schedule makes it hard to air new comedies on any night but Thursday. Trying to build a comedy block on another night this late in the season would be suicidal, particularly with Glee and American Idol occupying key time slots on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.