Is Blaine on Glee Going Bi?


Remember the latter seasons of Nip/Tuck where, after exhausting most of the characters' romantic possibilities, Ryan Murphy just started making them all bisexual? He may already have reached that point with Glee, if the rumors are true. TVLine's Michael Ausiello teases that a gay character on a hit show "has an encounter with a pivotal member of the opposite gender [in an upcoming episode] ... afterwards, he's forced to consider the possibility that he swings both ways"; online speculation has it that the budding bisexual is Glee's Blaine (Darren Criss), and indeed, the site AfterElton claims to have confirmed it. Well, that high-cheekboned Gap clerk that Blaine was crushing on did look a lot like Kate Bosworth. [TVLine, AfterElton]