James Franco Cracks Oscar Jokes on General Hospital


James Franco reprised his role as the murderous, famous artist Franco on General Hospital today, a short cameo he filmed while in L.A. rehearsing for the Oscars. General Hospital didn't miss the opportunity to make a meta-joke about James Franco's persona and upcoming hosting gig. In the episode, Franco called his nemesis, the hit man with a heart of gold, Jason Morgan, on the phone to claim credit for blowing up a woman with a car bomb moments after her wedding. (Soap operas. Must love them.) Wearing a tux, and sitting in front of hilarious, shirtless "self-portraits," Franco monologued to Jason, "You know, I've been doing some more art. Self-portraits. I know, I know, multi-tasker. How about you? You kill anyone lately? Well, I miss that, I really do. Look, I could chat all night but I have to run. I have a big event to attend. Very, very big deal."