Julia Roberts Now in Talks to Play Mean Queen in Brothers Grimm: Snow White


We just peered into the mirror on the wall and saw ... nothing. But we hear from insiders familiar with the situation that Julia Roberts is finally engaging on Tarsem Singh's upcoming 3-D movie The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. With the film set up at Relativity Media, director Singh (The Cell, The Fall) has long wanted Roberts to play the Evil Queen ("Yes, the Queen! She’s wicked! She’s bad! She’s mighty mean!"), and now her reps have finally begun negotiations in earnest.

Universal Pictures, meanwhile, is steaming ahead with its own rival project, Snow White and the Hunstman (to be directed by another commercial shooter, Rupert Sanders), negotiating with Kristen Stewart (to play Snow White), Charlize Theron (to play that film's Evil Queen), and Viggo Mortensen (the Huntsman). Mortensen's talks have been ongoing for weeks now — but we're told that a deal is imminent.