Justin Bieber Finally Cut His Hair


"Thinking about getting a haircut ... hmmmmmm," Justin Bieber tweeted a few hours ago. The Internet collectively held its breath: Would the music industry's teen Samson really do something so rash just to goose holiday weekend grosses for Never Say Never? He would, and he did. TMZ reports that Bieber put scissors to scalp on the set of a Rascal Flatts video today because he "wanted to change it up," deeming the new do "kind of a mature look." So many questions! Could this be a wig-and-bald-cap fakeout? Was it the bright idea of that teen harlot Selena Gomez? Will this give new life to the website Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber? And, most important, does this hairstyle work for him? We say yes, although we fully realize the pitfalls of messing with one's perfectly coiffed brand; perhaps those who were born too young to fully understand Keri Russell's calamitous season-two Felicity haircut are simply doomed to repeat it. [TMZ]