Justin Bieber Doesn’t Blame Common for His All-Star Game Face-plant


Though Justin Bieber's already sky-high profile has been raised over the last month, he spent much of it literally falling, whether it was in a hailstorm of slo-mo bullets on CSI or on the court of the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, where it appeared he was tripped up by actor/hip-hop artist Common. Still, the Biebs was in the mood to forgive and forget on TMZ Live yesterday, where he assured Harvey Levin that he had no hard feelings toward Common and spun the NBA face-plant a different way: "He didn't push me to the ground. I tripped." Though Bieber did allow that Common was "out for blood," he calmed the worried Beliebers who surely had been plotting a hit on Common's Wikipedia page. "It's a basketball game," Bieber reminded them. "We're not ballet dancing." [TMZ]