Justin Bieber Got Shot and Killed on CSI Last Night


Last night, wrapping up his multi-episode story line on CSI, Justin Bieber got murked by the CSI-ers after pulling a gun on them. Be warned, if the idea of Justin ever coming to any harm upsets you, this will upset you! After shooting a cop, the Biebs gets hit a number of times right in the chest (note to CSI's makeup department: He's got a lot of ganky blood on his T-shirt for someone who got shot half a second prior) and then crumples to the ground, in slo-mo. So, how did he do at fake dying? Well, he spazzes out sort of convincingly every time he's hit by a bullet, and his bangs do blow out gracefully as he falls to earth. Still, we're not sure about the one-handed gun hold: We think Bieber would try harder and put two hands on that glock.