Justin Bieber’s Abortion Quote Wasn’t Quite So Bad After All (Updated)


Rolling Stone had to have known that Justin Bieber's cover story comments about abortion would set off a firestorm, so this counts as a pretty big whoopsie: Owing to an "editing error," the magazine cut a potentially crucial sentence from the middle of his conversation without any ellipsis indicating the omission. (Update: The erroneous version of the quote appeared in the online excerpt of the Bieber story, but not in the print edition, and thus was the result of a transcription error by an online editor and not the author of the piece.) Here is Bieber's amended full quote on whether abortion should be allowed in cases of rape, with the new portion italicized: "Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don't know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that." Better? [RS]