Justin Timberlake Would Like to Assure You That He’s Not an Asshole


What's it been like for Justin Timberlake to go from a music career where he calls all the shots to a movie career where he's a pliant actor for auteurs like David Fincher? "I actually find it liberating to give up control," he told Amanda Seyfried for the new issue of Interview. "It's nice for me. What's been more of a battle for me throughout the process of moving into acting is that I feel like I have to keep reassuring people that I'm not an asshole. There is a stigma that comes from being on stage and being a musician." When Seyfried (who was nude during their phone interview, because why not?) then charitably asked him, "What's wrong with being an asshole?" Timberlake went for the joke: "Yeah, well, it's a shitty job." Justin, they're not going to treat you any better in stand-up. [Interview]