Kanye West Coins the Phrase ‘Alien Sex’ for Katy Perry


Vulture once caught a Katy Perry gig where she explained that her song “E.T.,” the impending fourth single from the deathless Teenage Dream (they haven’t even gotten to "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" yet!), was about falling in love with a foreigner. Specifically, one assumes, seeing as Perry does have a songwriting credit on the track — alongside the power team of Dr. Luke, Max Martin, and Ammo. Hey, how many blockbuster songwriters does it take to write a less-heralded Katy Perry single? Three — the one she’s married to. KP apparently didn’t bother telling Kanye, though: On the remix, which is just the original with one and a half 'Ye verses tacked on, our dude takes the metaphor off into some strange directions. This part, at least, sounds like he’s literally talking about having sex with an alien: “I know a bar out in Mars / where they driving spaceships instead of cars … pockets on Shrek, rockets on deck / Tell me what’s next, alien sex / Imma disrobe you, then Imma probe you / see I abducted you / so I tell you what to do.” KP and Kanye are shooting a video for this, from which the image above is taken, so hopefully that clip will make sense of this all.