Kanye West Won the NBA All-Star Game


Well, technically, the Western Conference won last night's NBA All-Star Game, with the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant nabbing his fourth All-Star MVP trophy. (Also, Justin Bieber won the celebrity game MVP!) But as far as Vulture is concerned, Yeezy ruled: Showing up "unannounced" during a halftime-show hits medley from Rihanna — whose spacey dance moves might best be described as "not totally unlike zooted Britney at the 2007 VMAs" — Kanye slayed "All of the Lights," totally redeeming an otherwise iffy segment. (Well, we did also enjoy the genuine-seeming flirtation from Drake and Rihanna, hip-hop's own Sam and Diane.) There are two good reasons Kanye will not get to do the Super Bowl halftime show anytime soon: He's not famous enough, and he's Kanye. But his spastic, committed vibes — he goes as hard whether he's playing national TV or the Bowery Ballroom — would be a very much appreciated alternative to the sterile performances usually trotted out at the big game. Think about it, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell!