Kurt’s Dad on Glee May Be Getting His Own Show


If you're a Gleek heavily invested in the relationship between Kurt and his dad, the following news could be very exciting — or potentially worrisome. Vulture hears that Mike O'Malley, who's won raves (and an Emmy nomination) for his nuanced performance as a blue-collar dude coming to terms with his son's identity, has been cast as the lead in Fox's comedy pilot Family Album. He'll play a dad just trying to take his family on the perfect vacation; each season will be spent showing what happens during one trip (sort of a comedic 24). This is good news, right? Well ...

O'Malley will certainly get more screen time as the lead of his own show than he currently snags as part of the Glee ensemble. But if Family goes to series, O'Malley will likely have a lot less time to make appearances as Burt Hummel on Glee. Because O'Malley's show is for Fox, the network would no doubt allow the actor to work on both shows. But if his schedule gets too busy, the Glee producers might have to find a way to explain why Kurt's dad barely ever shows up. Let's hope a return visit to the hospital isn't in the works (although, come to think of it, Chris Colfer's "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" is one of our favorite Glee songs ever).