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lady gaga

On 60 Minutes, Lady Gaga Reveals She Is Least Mellow Stoner Ever

Lady Gaga, she knows how to get herself some attention: Between the egg, the horns, the performance, and the photo op with Willow Smith, she would have won the Grammys even if she hadn't won a Grammy (but then Whitney Houston would have been denied her shout-out). Gaga was hard at work before the awards show even started, sitting down with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes for a fourteen-minute segment, bits of which had been leaking out last week. With Cooper, Gaga seemed about as down-to-earth as a woman who wears ten-inch heels for a walk next to the Thames, takes her tea with fake diamonds in it, and says, "I'm a master of the art of fame" can. In the interview, Gaga explained that she's really attentive to "how to maintain a certain privacy, without feeling like you’re withholding anything from your fans. My philosophy is that if I am open with them about everything, and yet I art direct every moment of my life, I can maintain a sort of privacy, in a way, a sort of soulfulness I have yet to give." While this reads like so much hot air (and maybe is so much hot air), one is forced to admit that Gaga has mastered exactly this — being ubiquitous, and yet, mysterious. Adding to the mystery: Somehow, defying years and years of common wisdom about the jam-band effect weed has on making music, Gaga writes her disco-dance jams while stoned: "I smoke a lot of pot when I write music. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it for 60 Minutes that I'm some sober human being. I drink a lot of whiskey, and I smoke weed when I write."