Watch Lady Gaga Bring Her Grammys to Jay Leno


Last night on Jay Leno, Lady Gaga continued her Mellow Lady in Non-Mellow Outfit Talking Tour, which began the night before on 60 Minutes. The show started off with Leno telling Gaga, "You look beautiful," while a big, sequined, black mask obscured most of her face, and she had a black-lace shmatah on her head. (It's some sort of burlesque shivah look. Add her horns to this and our reference meter starts to whir, loudly, and sputter out.) Gaga let Leno chat her up, but without exuding the manic energy that often characterizes the talk-show appearance. Gaga said the night before she had been called "drunky Gaga," claimed she was in the infamous egg (sorry, "vessel") for three days, explained that the other songs on the record don't sound like "Born This Way," and continued to indicate that "disenfranchised" is her favorite word. Things stayed mostly away from overtheoretical poppycock until the end, when Gaga said "Born This Way" is all about "birthing a new race with no prejudice." Prior to that, Leno asked Gaga about "Born This Way" sounding like Madonna's "Express Yourself." Gaga said, "There is no one a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me," and that she had gotten an e-mail from Madonna's "people" "expressing complete support. And if the queen says it shall be, it shall be."

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