Lil Wayne Goes on ESPN to Reveal the Highly Endearing Origin of His Green Bay Packers Fandom


Herewith, some relatively steady hand-held camera footage with high-quality audio of Lil Wayne's appearance on ESPN's 1st and 10, as a result of Wayne's viral smash of a Packers anthem, “Green and Yellow.” There are all manners of compelling tidbits, from Wayne's bromantic relationship with stodgy columnist Skip Bayless (“this young upstart who did 'Black & Yellow' is not in Wayne’s league”) to Wayne referring to his jail sentence as a “vacation” to his ticking off the life lessons he learned — and then subsequently applied during his time in the big house — from reading a Vince Lombardi book. But our favorite moment is Weezy explaining how, as a proud New Orleans native, he ended up a Packers fan:

My great, late father, he went to his first Super Bowl in 1997 when the Packers were in the Super Bowl in the Super Dome. And when he came home that night he just came home with a bunch of Packers everything — Packers towels, Packers cups. You know, I'm from the hood, we used those cups as dishes. We used those cups. I remember drinking out of Packers cups for years.