Meek’s Cutoff Trailer: Michelle Williams Is Losing a Game of Oregon Trail


Indie-film director Kelly Reichardt has reunited with Michelle Williams — who earned Oscar buzz for her turn in Reichardt's last film, Wendy and Lucy — on Meek's Cutoff, well received at Sundance and due April 8. This time Reichardt dropped Williams in the iconic old-world West — 1845, attempting a short cut en route to the Willamette Valley, specifically — where it's arid, dangerous, and evidently gorgeous. Williams and a three-family wagon that includes Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan are being guided over the Cascade Mountains by Stephen Meek (Bruce Greenwood), but they get so lost and thirsty they're willing to trust a shady wanderer who's either leading them to "water ... or an army of heathens." It looks like they're losing a game of Oregon Trail, and even if they don't come down with dysentery or pneumonia, they could lose their minds out there. We're pretty sure they don't make it to their destination unscathed, but with sprawling landscapes and a foreboding tone, it's about the journey.