Mindy Kaling Is Not Getting Enough Attention


Earlier this year, when we spoke with Mindy Kaling about her future on The Office, she said, “This isn’t some big scoop or anything, but I can see this season being my last. Right now, I’m hankering for new adventures.” Last night Kaling stopped by Lopez Tonight and talked about her future some more. Lopez pulled out the interviewer trick where you frame an annoying question you know the person you're talking to has heard a million times by asking if the person is annoyed at how many times they've heard the question. Says Lopez, "Do people keep asking you about Steve Carell leaving The Office? Is it a pain in the ass?" He then asked Kaling if she was leaving. "That's the thing," Kaling said. "Everyone is focused on Steve leaving, but also my contract is up at the end of this year, too. But I guess because Steve's a movie star people care more about that than me leaving." While we're pretty sure people care more about Steve leaving because he's the star of the show, Kaling is correct that his departure should not overshadow the very bad, no good possibility of hers.

Kaling has lots of promising projects in the works — a movie and a book — but on the off chance that she has not totally made up her mind, and a burst of love and appreciation might make her more inclined to stay, here goes: Mindy! Don't leave The Office! That would be B-A-N-A-N-A-S, but, like, in a bad way. Kelly Kapoor, her outfits, her music videos, and her love of pop culture would be sorely missed, and so would your scripts. Anyway, if you need to hear more, let us know: We're available for daily affirmations.