Vulture Gets Mindy Kaling to Clarify Her Thoughts on Her Future With The Office


Mindy Kaling caused a minor Internet explosion yesterday when she told George Lopez there's a chance she might not be on The Office after her contract ends in May (something she first hinted at last fall). We didn't want to let her Lopez comments linger without further explanation, so we e-mailed Kaling seeking further clarification. Here's how she responded:

"I could not be more flattered with Vulture's interest in my not-that-dramatic job ambiguity after this year. I love The Office, and I've been here for seven years. I could see myself working here (because this is an amazing job full of nice, funny people), but I could also see myself writing books, or screenplays, playing other parts, or just spending all day going to cardio classes and getting scarily, paparazzi-noticing thin. There's just so much fun stuff out there. I think anyone who was at a job for this long would at least consider other jobs."

We begrudgingly understand her wanderlust, but we think she'll come around once she realizes she'll never find another job with such a glamorous wardrobe.