Arrested Development Creator Mitch Hurwitz Remaking Lars von Trier’s Boss of It All


Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz, recently of Running Wilde, is directing a remake of Lars von Trier's Norwegian comedy Direktoren For Det Hele, or The Boss of it All, at Universal. The movie's about the owner of a small IT company who pretends there's another boss above him in order to break bad news to his employees, but has to hire an actor play the fictitious boss when the company is sold. The project has apparently been in development for about a year. It's an interesting choice: Von Trier’s 2006 film got a limited U.S. release as recently as 2007, and it's currently available to watch on Netflix. According to Box Office Mojo, Boss of It All made only $51,548 in the U.S. But, Mitch Hurwitz! Dark comedy! Frustrated office workers! Why not? [Wrap]