Nikki Finke Looks Totally Normal in Her Alleged New Photo


This morning, The Daily published a picture of a person who may or may not be Nikki Finke. Because of Finke's strident denials (she does not own a Toyota Yaris, so it can't be her, okay?!) The Daily hedges, running the piece under the headline "The Nikki Enigma: Has Tinseltown's most elusive figure finally been photographed?" and giving you a chance to vote, "Do you think this is Nicki Finke?" (Voting for iPad owners only. Added value, y'all.) The real issue: Whoever this is — and she does bear a resemblance to the person in the only contemporary snapshot of Nikki Finke — looks fine, normal, and not half bad for someone being taken by surprise by a cameraman. It's sort of a letdown. UPDATE: Finke has given Gawker a comment, and even she is relieved the photo is not horrible (even if it is of another person): " This is the first time I've seen the Daily photo purporting to me. It is, in fact, not me. I can understand why someone might think it was me because the woman in this picture vaguely resembles my own 2006 photo. But my nose and chin are different. I don't have those very pronounced mouthlines. I never wear industrial strength make-up (especially not blood red lipstick). I don't own gaudy jewelry. I wear my hair different now. Etc. So the Daily should be embarrassed to have run the wrong photo. But let me also express relief that at least the editors didn't just post a picture of a circus bearded lady and claim it was me." 2nd UPDATE: Media reporters Anne Thompson and Sharon Waxman, who actually know Finke, agree that it's not her. So, if anyone knows the random lady in the Toyota Yaris, shout it out. [Daily]