Oscar Nominees’ Moms to Embarrass Them on Twitter


You know what's funny about moms? How they're all kind of the same: Like, they love you, are proud of you, know embarrassing stuff about you, and don't know how to use technology. Not knowing how to use technology, or knowing how to use technology but in a distinctly mom-ish way (i.e., really loving, all up in your business, but not that all-important thing — "cool") is a really defining feature of moms. And to prove it — that, like, no matter who you are, your mom loves you but sounds funny on technology — the Academy Awards are having the nominees' moms, the “Mominees,” tweet about their children during the preshow. Aw. Famous people's moms! Just like your mom! Natalie Portman has already gone on record with an appropriate response ("No way! My mother would be terrified"), but the Academy promises it will teach all mominees who don't know how to tweet, how to tweet. A real public service that. Anyway, James Franco's mom better get ready: She's going to be expected to write ten tweets to every other mom's one, using only one arm. [Deadline]