James Franco and Anne Hathaway Change Clothes Often Sunday Night


Deadline got its hands on the annotated schedule for Sunday night's 83rd Academy Awards, and Nikki Finke has already dubbed it "a snorefest." The schedule doesn't say who wins anything, but there are some tidbits of new info. Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway will open the show with a Billy Crystal–inspired pre-filmed comedic sketch in which they appear in scenes from the year's ten Best Picture nominees. Then they welcome the audience into the night's first "scenic transition," or "virtual reality lookbacks," with a Gone With the Wind sketch. Other such transitions include sketches involving the first-ever Oscars and Lord of the Rings. As the show continues, Franco and Hathaway pop up a lot, and they make at least five wardrobe changes. There are apparently no singing and dancing numbers involving both Hathaway and Franco together, but they do several "comedy bits" as a team. Hilary Swank and Kathryn Bigelow present the Best Director Award, and Steven Spielberg presents the Best Picture Oscar. Also, whatever this means, it sounds good: "Presenters won't have to read those lame jokes." At one point, Anne Hathaway will wear a tux. No word on whether Franco ever wears a dress, though, as some secrets are too precious even to tell Nikki Finke. [Deadline]