Panda Bear Gets Vaguely Romantic, Vaguely Sentimental, Generally Vague


Things known conclusively about this Panda Bear song: It is called "Last Night at the Jetty." It will be on Tomboy, his next solo album, out in April. It is a rerecording of an earlier seven-inch version. It is lilting, casually propulsive, and sort of sounds like the chillwavier cousin of Animal Collective's "Peacebone," but mostly because both songs make it clear that AC is not messing around when they name-check J. Dilla. Things not known conclusively: What, exactly, is Panda Bear singing about? It sort of sounds like a sad love song, but the overdubbing on the vocals make it tough to pick out a lot of the lyrics; there are, however, references to dreams and "good times." Also, the title suggests someone coming to terms with some consequential event the day after its occurrence. But what kind of things do people do at jetties? Was there drinking at the jetty? Did something crazy happen while everyone was drunk at the jetty? Also, what exactly is a jetty? The Wikipedia entry for jetty is only confusing us further. Anyway, hear the song at Pitchfork.