Pusha-T Launches His Solo Career For Real


Apologies for the tardiness here: Pusha-T's “My God” was actually posted late Friday and has spent its time since bouncing from emphatic hip-hop blog co-sign to emphatic hip-hop blog co-sign … and, now, predictably, to an emphatic Vulture co-sign. Pusha's spent over a decade standing out, whether on Clipse tracks or random remixes or critically acclaimed smash Kanye singles. But this is his first time, officially, as a solo artist. He does not fumble the opportunity.

Over a sparse, triumphant beat specially tailored for Push by Hitboy, the dude moves quickly from requisite coke talk to embarrassing admissions about his credit line, the whole way stringing together one showy, mouthy couplet after the other. This won't get him closer to the radio, but who cares? And there's actual news to pass along here, as well: In an interview with Complex from this afternoon, Pusha explains that this is the first taste of his upcoming mixtape Fear of God, which is complete and waiting on some guest verses before it can be released. Even better: His official debut is in the works, too, and he's hoping for a "late summer release." Pusha: “We’re just going to create until we feel the project is a well-rounded one. This is my dream. [Kanye will be executive producing] and it has a lot to do with his creative vision, and what he sees for me, and it’s been coming out amazing."

(Higher-quality version at Pusha-T.com)