Can You Spot the Gay Porn Star in the New Real World: Las Vegas Trailer?


MTV's durable reality franchise The Real World is returning to Las Vegas for its upcoming season, but how can it top the debauchery of the original Las Vegas installment? Simple: By casting a gay porn star as one of the housemates! 24-year-old Dustin Zito (who performed with other men as "Spencer" at the decidedly NSFW site Fratmen) is just one of the strangers sharing a Las Vegas suite in the 25th season of The Real World, but can you spot him in the following trailer? It isn't easy at first, since his face is usually hidden behind one of the girls he's making out with, but you'll eventually get the picture when one of those girls (perhaps prompted by constant cameraman snickering?) asks, "Is there anything you haven't told me?" and follows it with the bombshell, "You got taped having sex. It's all over the internet." Look, lady, this isn't a knitting circle, it's a roommate sex experiment that doubles as a waystation for the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. If anything, dude was practicing!