Drive Angry 3D’s Red-Band Trailer: 30 Seconds of Campy Greatness


Need to turn around your movie's ailing reputation? Issue a red-band trailer! The raunchier teaser for No Strings Attached did a better job selling the actually-pretty-good movie than its original, all-audiences trailer, and now IGN has got the red-band clip for the Nicolas Cage grindhouse flick Drive Crazy 3D, which improves our outlook on the movie substantially. While the first trailer for the film felt a little bit "bad on purpose but might actually still be bad in general," this one's got awards-season satire, shot-off limbs, curse words, topless fighting, and 3-D tomahawks galore. And it's all in 30 seconds! Tree of Life trailer, our affair was fun while it lasted. [IGN]