Rose McGowan on That Time She Danced on a Table in a Colombian Drug Den


How does Grindhouse star Rose McGowan manage to stay out of the tabloids? By doing her table-dancing out of the country and away from the paparazzi, thank you very much: "The last time I danced on a table I was in Colombia in a drug den with a bunch of crazy arms dealers and drug dealers," she casually volunteered last night at the Lion, at a party for Brian Atwood's new shoe line, B Brian Atwood. "I went there to buy some emerald earrings, and that's where the best ones are." They're very pretty, we told her. But please tell us more about the drug dealers.

"I was not aware that they were drug dealers at the time," she said. "I was going up to them and asking if they were gay and if they'd like to sleep with my male friend. They were not gay, and apparently that's very frowned upon in that culture. It was about to get me shot. I had a bodyguard. But anyway, I stay out of trouble because I don't do stuff." Except stuff like dancing on tables in Colombian drug dens? "Correct," McGowan told us. "I wasn't aware that it was a drug den, so I was innocent. I just love dancing. But the thing is, if I danced on a table here, I would be Tara Reid or Lindsay Lohan."