Roseanne Getting a Reality Show


Roseanne Barr, who has been more or less absent from the scene since the cancellation of her talk show almost eleven years ago, will have a reality show on Lifetime. The premise is, get this, Barr "managing a fully-functional 40-acre macadamia and live stock farm" in Hawaii. (Commence puns about about a nut managing nuts, or hard nuts to crack, etc.) While we bet Roseanne running a nut farm will be pretty hilarious, we do wonder about this trend in reality shows of having the celebrity subject "run a business." (See: Tori and Dean, the Kardashians, now Roseanne.) What's wrong with celebrities just being celebrities, which is more or less what the "running a business" thing amounts to, since they are too busy being on a reality show to actually do any competent running? It reminds us of those early years on The Real World when the cast members had to start a business, and, like, the whole Miami season devolved into this long conversation about delivering deserts, when actually, all anyone really wanted to see were people having sex in the shower. Not that we want to see Roseanne having sex in the shower (this analogy is getting away from us!), but that if she wanted to just live on her macadamia nut farm, as opposed to "manage" it, that would be cool with us too. [TV by the Numbers]