Shyne Gets Coveted Matisyahu Judaism Co-Sign


In case you were wondering, Matisyahu has talked to Shyne, and he wholeheartedly believes in the rapper's commitment to Judaism: "I read the article and right away reached out to him. I had a conversation with him and he was real cool. My feeling is that he's [serious about his conversion]. Somehow, he really connected to this. He seems real about it and inspired when you're talking to him. But he's still the same guy. When you listen to him talk, when you hear him talk, you hear where he's from. He didn't change who he is. I'm sure he changed his lifestyle and a lot of things but I went through a very similar process, so I respect that a lot. I think it could be really good for Jewish people for him to do something like that. I think he can be an inspiration. He'll be in New York soon ... Definitely [expect a collaboration from us], we've already been back and forth on the e-mails. We talked about doing some shows together." But what does Drake think? [SOHH]