Someone Finally Photographed Nikki Finke [Updated]


There’s just one contemporary photograph of Deadline’s Nikki Finke in circulation on the Internet (the one at left), a state of affairs that prompted Gawker to offer a bounty for a new image back in 2009, to no avail. Well, apparently the deed has been done: A photographer for News Corps’ The Daily got a picture of Finke, but we may never see it. Finke is reportedly so incensed, she is doing everything in her power to keep it from being published (i.e., getting lawyers involved). Apparently, publication of the image has been suspended until the photographer can find two people to verify that it is actually Finke in the photo. (We're imagining a series of bumbling spy maneuvers — "If it's her, just blink your right eye!") Of course, all this does is make us wonder: How bad could a photo be? What is Finke trying to hide? She's a vampire? Dorian Gray? After all this fuss, it better be something really good. UPDATE: Finke emailed Gawker to explain why the photo hasn't been published yet. "What is 'preventing' The Daily from publishing the photo in its possession is that, in fact, it is NOT of me. According to what The Daily tells me, it was taken of a woman driving a green Toyota Yaris and I not only have never owned, driven, rented, or borrowed a Toyota Yaris, but also not any Toyota since the 1980s. There are other details about the photo demonstrating it is not of me. Also, Johnson told me the photo was taken at a time when, in fact, I was not driving any car or outside my home. News Corp has not shown the photo to me." So there. [Wrap]