Something Borrowed Trailer: Kate Hudson Enlists Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski in Her Bride Wars


After teaming with Anne Hathaway to ill effect in the unhappy chick flick Bride Wars, you might expect Kate Hudson to know better than to sign up for another romcom where she plays a woman on the verge of marriage locked in battle with her best female friend. And yet, we now have Something Borrowed, where Ginnifer Goodwin wonders if it's okay for her to sleep with Hudson's fiance (Colin Egglesfield) because, after all, she's been in love with him this whole time, and Hudson gets everything anyway and that's so unfair. Yes, John Krasinski is also in the movie for some reason, but your tolerance for this sort of thing can be measured by your reaction to trailer lines like, "That was the night I let true love slip away," "You're thirty, you can't afford to be picky," and "Darcy wins, she always has!" Maybe we didn't really appreciate how good we had it with No Strings Attached? [Yahoo via The Playlist]