State Senator Clay Davis: Secret Hippie?


Isiah Whitlock Jr. may have played corrupt state senator Clay "Sheeeeee-it" Davis on The Wire, a government spook on Rubicon, and an Omar-quoting insurance salesman in this weekend's Cedar Rapids — but don't mistake him for the Man. We caught Whitlock flashing a peace sign on the red carpet before a screening of Rapids in New York last night, and wondered how similar he really is to the Establishment types he usually plays. Not much, apparently: "I sit at home and listen to seventies music all day long; it just makes me feel good," Whitlock told us. "My next thing is I want to get myself one of the Volkswagen vans and paint peace signs. It reminds me of when life was a whole heck of a lot simpler. A little peace, a little love — what's not to like?"