Zack Snyder Prefers a ‘Bigger, Muscular, Retro’ Superman


Zack Snyder named Henry Cavill his Superman. But what will Cavill's character look like? "There are so many interpretations, so many artists,” Snyder pointed out. "I have that stamp image — him tearing open his jacket. It's got a retro vibe to it. That’s the background on my iPad. It’s Curt Swan and the way he draws that jawline, it is like Mt. Rushmore, totally, or like The Incredibles." But Jim Lee's Superman (pictured) is ultimately Snyder's fave: "My taste level goes to the bigger, more muscular Superman, the way Jim draws him. Those tend to be the artists I like in comics. So Jim’s Superman, for sure." He warned: "That’s not to say that’s how the movie will be, [but] it's an interesting thing to think about." [Hero Complex/LAT]