The Simpsons’ Wonderful Parodies of Pixar, Wallace & Gromit, and Other Animated Films


Last night’s Simpsons was a particularly excellent one, in which Bart made a short film that was then nominated for a slew of awards. It featured some truly great guest appearances by Ricky Gervais, JB Smoove and Russell Brand, but the real treat was seeing the four clips that they created for the other animated shorts nominated along with Bart’s. They included loving parodies of a Pixar (sorry, “Mixar”) movie, a Wallace & Gromit short, The Triplets of Belleville and Persepolis. The entire episode is worth a watch, especially for lapsed Simpsons fans who haven’t checked in on the show in a while, but here are the parodies in question:

Here are the The Triplets of Belleville and Persepolis parodies:

And here’s the clip from “Mixar’s” movie, Condiments:

And Wallace & Gromit: