The Dude From Owl City Is Attempting to Bed Taylor Swift via Song


As you might have previously been aware, the Speak Now track “Enchanted” is supposedly about a one-off encounter Taylor Swift had with Adam Young, a.k.a. Postal Service–y cheesy pop act Owl City. Well, yesterday, for Valentine's Day, Young finally got around to responding: He remade “Enchanted” in his very special bleep-bloop way, adding a hefty dollop of secondhand-embarrassment-causing overly explicit lyrics (“Taylor, it was enchanting to meet you,” “I love you” even though we don't really know each other at all, etc). There's also an accompanying note, addressed directly to Taylor:

One blustery evening last October, I waited impatiently until the clock tolled midnight and then promptly bought Taylor Swift’s new record on iTunes. I played it in the kitchen, I played it in the car, I played it at the studio, I played it on flights to Japan and back; I just couldn’t keep away from it. Speak Now was the indisputable leader of my “top 5″ record list of 2010, which is slightly ironic because the other four albums were abstract experimental/post-rock/ambient works. (Ed note: stop it) ...

[“Enchanted”] is absolutely gorgeous and I’m so tremendously honored that Taylor would write such an elegant song and thereby offer a gracious nod in my direction. Needless to say, I was lost for words and utterly smitten. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I figured such an eloquent gesture should be reciprocated by the most polite, heartfelt and respectful response I could possibly muster. It’s no secret that I’m a bit shy, so naturally music was the most articulate way of attempting such a sincere endeavor. How does one respond to such a personal outpouring of emotion and sentiment? I tossed and turned over that one.

They say “timing is everything” and that brings us to now. Today is Valentine’s Day.

Oh, man, is this a bum-out. Look, it's all good for Taylor Swift to write songs bashing famous dudes. That's hilarious. But this kind of thing — earnest musicians flirting openly, unironically, via song — we cannot sign off on. Taylor, we beseech you: Turn down this guy's solicitations. The precedent you'd be setting would be dangerous.

On the plus side, big win for Chris Willman, who was the first to guess correctly, off a message hidden in the lyrics reading ADAM, that “Enchanted” was about Young. (Vulture guessed former Gonzaga Bulldog sharpshooter Adam Morrison.)

Dear Taylor [Official site via MTV]