The Hangover Part II Trailer: The Wolf Pack Rides Again


Here we go! The first clip from The Hangover Part II is here. There's not too much from which to glean information; it's only a minute-long teaser featuring a beaten-up-looking Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms — sporting Mike Tyson's face tattoo, of course — strutting down the street, Reservoir Dogs–style, to the sounds of Jay-Z's latter-day anti-hater screed "Reminder." But that's enough for many avenues of speculation: Why is Galifianakis's head shaved? What's that monkey doing there? Why isn't Justin Bartha around? Are they going to lose Justin Bartha again? Won't that feel a bit forced? (On the other hand, they forgot Kevin again in Home Alone 2 and no one seemed to mind.) Most important, though: From the looks of this, things are going to get pretty dirty with the crew in Thailand. We can't wait.