The Music Never Stopped Trailer: The Grateful Dead Brings Families Together


A young man grows up in the sixties, becomes estranged from his parents for two decades, gets a brain tumor, reconnects with his parents, loses his ability to make new memories, learns to function anyway, and bonds with his father through the music he used to love. The young man is Lou Taylor Pucci, the dad is J.K. Simmons, and the music is mostly the Grateful Dead, a schmaltzy combination that, despite trying so hard to make us cry, totally made us cry. The movie is based on a true story, an Oliver Sacks piece called "The Last Hippie," though it might as well be based on any number of films about a complicated father-son relationship. (Even money says that Cat Stevens's "Father and Son" is actually on the soundtrack.) Still, worse ways to start your day, or spend a movie, than listening to "Touch of Grey."