Stephen King Would Like to See Gary Sinise Reprise His Role in The Stand


Stephen King's 1978 horror novel The Stand — a postapocalyptic story of good versus evil — is headed to the big screen. So who to play its world-saving hero? "No one will be able to top Gary Sinise," King said. (Sinise played Stu Redman in the 1994 ABC mini-series adaptation.) "He was perfect. When he says 'You don’t know nothing,' to the soldiers putting him under quarantine, you believe his contempt completely." Okay, but if Gary Sinise isn't available, there's always Jake Gyllenhaal. "My runner-up pick would be Jake," King added. And, um, someone check Jason Statham's calendar. Also, unlike the 1994 version, "Molly Ringwald won’t be playing Fran Goldsmith this time." Well, who's even going to go see it now? [Inside Movies/EW]