The Walking Dead Decides a Writing Staff Isn’t Actually That Terrible of an Idea


In December, The Walking Dead top dog Frank Darabont parted ways with the small writing staff from the show's highly rated first season, and was seemingly prepared to go into battle on Season 2 alone. At the time, Vulture quoted a person close to Dead as saying "I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to go back to a staff once they realize how hard it is to run a TV show," and that may in fact be what has just happened: Deadline now reports that Dead has hired Glen Mazzara (a veteran of The Shield, Hawthorne, and Crash) as Darabont's No. 2, and that Mazzara is now in the process of putting together a five-member writing staff. While Vulture has not yet reached out for comment, we feel confident that the show's old writers are all like "Wait, waaaah?" right now. [Deadline]