Hear Tina Fey Sing a Joni Mitchell Parody She Wrote Herself


On the last episode of 30 Rock, a newly single Liz Lemon was reluctantly dragged out to a hip new nightclub by Jenna, and until she met a handsome, attentive Star Wars fan who may have been a Swiss prostitute, she was having a miserable time there. Part of her agony was due to the treacly, Joni Mitchell–style ballad called "Paints and Brushes" playing at the club, but it wasn't until the Internet isolated that song from the rest of the scene that we all discovered something startling: Tina Fey wrote and sang the song herself. Of course she did! Have a listen to Fey doing her best Joni as she sings very meta lyrics like, "And I'm not gonna stop, not gonna stop doin' / Not gonna stop / I'm not gonna stop doin' jokes / About tampons." Annette Bening is so ready to sing this out loud at her sperm donor's awkward dinner party.

Tina Fey does Joni Mitchell [ONTD]