Was Kurt’s Dad Wrong on Last Night’s Episode of Glee?


On Glee, Kurt's dad Burt can usually be expected to come to the aid of his son in the most tear-jerking way (Kurt's overzealous season-one crush on Finn was worth it just for Burt's protective speech), but that didn't stop him from clashing with his son in last night's episode. After Kurt let his wannabe love interest Blaine spend the night, Burt firmly laid down the law: "I need you to ask me before you have someone sleep over." Somehow, though, Kurt turned it into an accusation of homophobia — to which Burt rightly pointed out, "When have I been uncomfortable with you being gay?" — and got the last word in the scene: "Maybe you could step outside your comfort zone and educate yourself so if I have any questions, I could go to my dad like any straight son could." Were we supposed to side with Kurt, or was he being a self-important teenager? And, for that matter, wasn't it a little much for him to get on his high horse after being lectured by Blaine?