Wavves Provides the Soundtrack for Your Next Angsty Beach Party


Listening to poolside pop-punks Wavves in the dead of winter is almost disconcerting. But the band's new track, posted to its official blog by "Corey Haim of Wavves," comes equipped with all the expected trappings: haunting Oooos, needy if nonsensical lyrics ("I know / But I don't know what to do / You say / Everything you say / I don't know what to do"), and Nathan Williams's wonderfully obnoxious voice. The song, "Horse Shoes," initially appeared in an earlier form on a Daytrotter session in 2009, and hearing how it's been reworked from a song that's hard to listen to into one we're going to listen to all day is pretty revealing — the distortion has been significantly turned down, the vocals become much clearer, and Williams's indecipherable moaning has become adorable whining. The heavy guitars are paired with high-pitched backup vocals, and the chorus of borderline screaming consists mostly of repeating a few anthemic lyrics. Like most of last summer's King of the Beach, it works. It's the Wavves formula: A pop track with garage underpinnings, a catchy beach song with some anger packed in, and now we're ready for a sweaty outdoor show on Governors Island. Any day now.