Weezer’s State Farm Jingle Is Really, Really Good


You will, most likely, have a two-part reaction to the video, above, of Weezer in the studio recording a jingle for State Farm. Part 1: “Ah, what the hell, Weezer? It's like you're sitting at home actively thinking of ways to make yourselves seem lamer. Would it have killed you to at least write a song for a commercial for something awesome, like vodka or blunt wraps or something?” Part 2: “Wait, hold on a second — this song is amazing.” And it is now that second part that Vulture would very much like you to focus on.

Yes, it's incredibly odd that Weezer has chosen the occasion of a car-insurance-company jingle to momentarily recapture a sound that a vocal subset of their fan base has long clamored for (this basically sounds like a Pinkerton B-side, specifically “Getting Up and Leaving”). But isn't the more important takeaway here the fact that Rivers Cuomo, who long ago evolved into a prolific, slick-hit-writing mercenary, is able to so convincingly ape his former self? Maybe, next time, he'll actually do it on a Weezer album! Okay, sing along now: “Whenever you're driving / and wherever you're bound / on freeways and byways / the whole country round / you'll feel better knowing / any time, any where / that like a good neighbor / State Farm is there.”

Continuing with their semi-fascinating quest ... [Pitchfork/Tumblr]