Chris Medina’s New Music Video Jerks More of Your Tears


American Idol cast-off Chris Medina knows how to get the waterworks flowing: First, he brought America to tears when he told judges the story of his relationship with Juliana Ramos, who was involved in a major car accident that left her partially paralyzed and caused traumatic brain injuries two months before Medina and Ramos were to wed, and this week, he made Jennifer Lopez break down yet again when she had to tell him that he'd been eliminated just before the top 24. She begged him not to stop singing and demanded a hug before she began sobbing and screaming, "I didn't tell him in the right way!" But Medina's already back: He'll be on Leno tonight, and today he dropped this music video.

"With the talent that's there, I kinda felt like I was gonna go home before they even said it," Medina told PopEater. He also dished on meeting his wife: "I was in this small band, and I had invited her friend to come watch us play. I was hittin' on her [friend], trying to make her laugh, but Juliana was the only one laughing at my jokes! I was going, 'Who's this girl laughing at my jokes?' Something about her energy caught my eye, and I couldn't get her out of my head." The below video includes what appears to be home footage of Ramos proposing to Medina and taking care of her, juxtaposed with footage of the would-be Idol belting out the personal tune in the studio. Keep yourself from choking up.

Chris Medina on Meeting Fiance Juliana and Why J.Lo Cried When He Got Kicked Off 'Idol' [PopEater]