Watch Melissa Leo Say the F-Word at the Oscars


Melissa Leo, the heavy favorite to win the Best Supporting Actress award, didn't exactly plan her speech. (Why not?) Or, if she did, it flew out of her head as soon as she actually won and took to the stage. (Being unexpectedly flirted with by Kirk Douglas can do that to a woman.) As a result, Leo gifted us all with a good, long bleep. Referring to Kate Winslet, who beat out Leo for best actress in 2009, we got to hear Leo say, "When I watched Kate two years ago ... " before the broadcast went silent as Leo said " ... It looked so fucking easy." Cue hand to mouth, and a big round of applause. Leo rallied after a long pause, thanked her family, and then got worked up, putting some real oomph on her delivery of a sentence arguably that was more enjoyable even than her cursing: "Thank you, it's about selling motion pictures, and respectin' the work!" (Update: Video removed by request of the Academy.)

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