Which TV on the Radio Member Won the Band’s Hiatus?


The White Stripes bow out for good, LCD Soundsystem announce their last show ever, Wolf Parade take some time off, Bon Jovi are not touring anymore — but one band is bold enough to fight the tide of dissolution. And that band, as you are clearly already aware from at the very least glancing at the headline, is TV on the Radio. Front man Tunde Abedimpe announced the hiatus in September of 2009, saying at the time that TVoTR was splitting for one year to “go and live a life and change things up.” And while it's been more like a year and a half, Abedimpe does stay true to his word: According to Pitchfork, Nine Types of Light — the band's fourth full-length and the first since 2008's Dear Science — will drop this spring. (Also, they're playing Radio City Music Hall on April 13.) Great! Okay, now which band member won the hiatus?

Abedimpe, counterintuitively, stayed fairly quiet: Right at the outset of the break, he showed up on this Massive Attack track, then started a supergroup with Mike Patton and Doseone that never took off. He also remixed the Liars, scored The Lottery, and drew David Bowie — but did not bust out a powerhouse solo album, as was reasonably expected. Guitarist and co-vocalist Kyp Malone, who'd always maintained a healthy side operation, stayed busy with his solo project Rain Machine and its self-titled debut. And guitarist-producer Dave Sitek? He touched all bases, teaming up with Aziz Ansari for an excellent Raaaaaaaandy! single, releasing a collaboration-heavy solo album under the name Maximum Balloon, and, our personal favorite, sort of joining Jane's Addiction. (For the record, less heralded TV on the Radio members Jaleel Bunton and Gerard Smith remained less heralded.) Congrats, Dave: The bragging rights at the first band practice are totally yours.

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