Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘I Know What Boys Like’ Best?


Last night's Glee skewed heavily Bieber, but we decided to focus on what was obviously the episode's highlight: Lauren Zizes's cover of the Waitresses' classic "I Know What Boys Like." As per our new rule, Lauren is exempt from the voting, but we did drag up some worthy competitors: living work of art Amanda Lepore, Vitamin C, and Sifl & Oily. (Also for your listening pleasure, here's Jay-Z's version.) Take a look after the jump!

As Performed By

Herbert from Family Guy

Boys don't like teeth. It's a well-known fact, and Herbert is kind to demonstrate it again here.

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Sifl & Oily

And here's a song about human attraction sung by a robot.

As Performed By

Vitamin C

Let's take this opportunity to also thank Vitamin C for the graduation song.

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We see your point, but I don't think anyone wants to touch anything in the icky warehouse bathroom.

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Amanda Lepore

Since she's been one, we guess she'd know.

As Performed By

Lauren Zizes

Perhaps the definitive rendition.