Who Was Zack Snyder’s Superman Runner-up?


Zack Snyder recently handed The Tudors star Henry Cavill the high-profile role of Superman in his upcoming reboot, but it turns out that he came close to casting another star of another nudity-filled premium-cable show: True Blood's Joe Manganiello. The six-foot-five actor had been rumored as a front-runner for the role for months, and in the new issue of EW (not yet online), Snyder confirms that it was a Cavill-Manganiello race until the end of last month. "Joe's a great guy," says Snyder, who attributes his final pick to a gut decision. "I really liked him. It was about seeing a quality that inspires this inexplicable, mysterious, cool emotion that says, 'That's my guy.'" Although, when it comes to Christian Bale, maybe Cavill is a little too mysterious. [EW]